A downloadable game for Windows

You play the role of Gary Lunchbreak, an office worker who's usual routine takes an unexpected turn for the worse, resulting in panic and confusion...

A retro text adventure modernized with current humor to create a short but sweet way to pass the time.

Please note that the language, ideas, views, plot, dialog, everything, just EVERYTHING about this game is unsuitable for children. I would rate it a 15.

This game is currently in the BETA testing stage and any input and advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am unsure whether or not this game works on Mac or Linux so please tell me if you know.

Install instructions

Simply click the GLPM.exe icon to start.

There is no installation required.

This game has been tested on Windows Vista, XP and 7. I am unsure of whether to works on anything else or not such as Mac or Linux.

You may get a Data Execution Prevention (DEP) error when running. Google how to fix this for your operating system. It should only take a second to solve this problem.



(BETA)0.3 Gary Lunchbreak's Poser Meltdown.zip 1 MB